"Out of stock" message does not show

Hi all,

this is the first issue I encountered while setting up our CS Cart shop. It is quite incredible actually.

To my problem.

The “text_out_of_stock” message does not appear if there is no stock of an inventory managed item (Track with options). “In stock” shows up nicely when there is inventory, but “Out of stock” (text_out_of_stock) does not.

Can anyone assist?


EDIT: yes there is text entered for the “text_out_of_stock” field.


It is actually not an error or a bug. It was a result of me setting the “Allow negative amount in inventory” option.

This permits selling products that are not in stock so of course the “Out of stock” message would not appear.

I am so far very impressed with the quality of CS Cart… let’s hope this continues once our store goes live.