Ourcs-cart.com is currently the unofficial cs-cart wiki at the moment. I am however going to be making it more than just that.

I want ourcs-cart.com to be a full out community based site.

A place for people to share templates / manage modules (addons) / manage donations / etc. etc.

So what are some of your ideas for ourcs-cart.com?

Well if cs-cart will not have any dealings with donations for modules we should get someone to do it that we can all trust. I suggest the following:

OurCS-Cart.com hosts a donations system.

How this works:

1. Startup

1.1. Requests: users can post a module (addon) / template request in the requests section of the site.

1.2. Developers: Module (addon) / template developers can post a module to the site and set a required donation mark for that module.

1.3. Developers: A developer can post a proposal for a module (addon) / template that they will create for a certain amount.

2. Processing

2.1. Created modules / templates

2.1.1. If a developer has already created a mod they can list that module that is to be released and made available for download once the set donation amount (set by developer) is reached.

2.1.2. If a developer wants to create a mod they can post the mod and the required amount of money they will do the mod for. They will also set a time span for how long it will take to make the module after the donation amount is reached. Once that amount is reached by donations the developer will begin creating the module. Once the developer is done the module is made available for download. If the developer does not finish the module by the set time all donations are refunded at that time.

2.1.3. If the developer can tell that the module will take more time than initially listed (hopefully this does not happen as I am sure the developer will give himself extra time that he knows he can meet terms on) he can put in a request for extension (which the users that have donated can accept or deny). If they accept than their donation stays if they deny the donation is refunded.

3. Download Area

3.1. All completed modules /templates are listed in a download area. Each module / template has its own built in site that shows the module / template, allow users to test it, and has a detailed explanation of the module.

4. Commerce

4.1. A developer can list their module / template for sale only to those who pay a certain amount for it instead of using the donation system. Each developer will get their own built in site so that users can browse modules / templates by developer as well as other ways.

4.2. I plan on having this site a community site like I said before. So that means non-profit. Of course donations will be accepted. Maybe the site will have its own meeter for requested donation for that month (requested / met amount) If this does not cover the overhead than we could set up the site so that of the donations submitted or the payments for mods a small percentage is taken out and used to cover costs.

5. The meeter.

5.1. All modules / templates will have a meeter attached to it. This meeter displays the target amount and how much has been donated so far, by who, and how much each user donated.

5.2. Example:

6. Terms of agreement.

6.1. Each module / template will have a terms and agreement attached to it which is written by the developer so that users know what the terms are to the module. ie… whether or not the module includes lifetime update, current release version update etc. etc.

Did I leave anything out?

I assume there is / will be a page with your address and full contact details on? I mean, we are giving you money etc.


Of course there will be. Also if we don’t want to manage it through the site it can be done like we do it now: user sends paypal right to the developer… the site would just manage the process of the transaction (the user and the developer confirm that the transaction went through on the site).

The only issue with this is when it comes to a need for refunds (which I doubt there would be many but just in case some kind of scam goes on) it would be best to direct it through the site so that everything can be monitored.

Also if all goes well, this takes off, and people chip in with development of the site I will make ourcs-cart.com a Inc. or LLC. or if possible a NPO. so that people who are worried about legal issues feel more secure.

Well I just learned that the cscmodclub has a website. From what I hear it is not very active… “up and down for the last six months with not much progress.”

I hope that I have not offended any of the cscmodclub.com members by creating the ourcs-cart.com site and planning on making the organization of all mods and templates part of it.

If we could all work together on creating a single source for all of this it could become a great thing for the cs-cart community.

I would suggest that source be ourcs-cart.com. Not because I am creating it but because it would be nice to have everything third party cs-cart related in one place wrather than mods at one site, wiki at another, templates at another, hosting at another, services at another… etc. etc.

If the cscmodclub has no interest in utilizing ourcs-cart.com for those services than what I am proposing should not be done by myself and should be done by the cscmodclub as it would be pointless to have the same thing in two places. Once again if that is the case than I would suggest to the cscmodclub that they advertise their site and extend their scope of what the site is to include more than just modding. (Make it what ourcs-cart.com wants to be). If one or the other doesnt happen then we are back to having everything scattered over multiple sites with very slow growth.

Of course this is all just IMO.

Just wanted to make sure I didn’t offend any of the developers and hope to work with you on the organization of cs-cart.

Let me know what you think,

Sounds really great to me.

I am pleased that you are not trying to duplicate or set up in opposition to the csmodclub.

They may even be grateful for having someone sorting this side out so that they can concentrate on the modding side of things.

In some ways this might be better. I feel sorry for snorocket having to be in the centre. I do not quite understand everything that goes on in this modding side of world but it seems that he has to collect the money and work on the modding and sort out the hassle. Perhaps splitting the two functions would work out better.

I cannot imagine that the money amounts would ever be massive but if they go that way then to re-assure people is there some third party money collecting and releasing organisation. A bit like escrow.

yea I looked into some software to help out and keep track of donations, however the donations and participation in the club is pretty small so it’s manageable right now but yea but yea I’d rather not have to deal with it all, I’d rather just work on developing Addons, anyways we lost alot of valued club members to other shopping carts because people got sick of dealing with the shenanigans here so it may never be the same again, people who are serious about e-commerce and running a finely tuned site would be willing to donate to Addon development…

Oh well… "F"orget them!

I still say CS-Cart is the best shopping cart!

More will come and more will leave it is not a big deal it is just business.