Our pages will not print from browser

…I could very well be losing my mind and I apologize for posting such a trivial problem, but a customer just informed me that they cannot print any page from our website from their browser… it just comes up blank.

Sure enough, I have tested on 5 different machines running different browsers, and nothing displays to print. WTF? When did this start happening??? Yes, other sites’ pages preview and print fine.

Bizarre. Any help? (I can PM our domain as I usually don’t post that publicly.)

Make sure your source code reads something similar to this line:

Also ensure the print.css file exists and has CSS styling included.

Stellar - thank you for responding. Yes, confirmed in source of page before printing contains that exact line of code, right in with the other styles, dropdown, jquery, etc.

print.css also exists and has formatting, and is located in the correct folder.

Any other thoughts?

Although you say you tested this on 5 machines, were they using different browsers?

Stellar - yeah, haven’t found any combination computer/browser/OS that our site will print/preview on. Weird. I’ve disabled everything I could think of that I modded, still with no luck. Did the firewall and a/v thing and tested at other locations, too. All 6 trillion other web pages work, expect ours. :-)

It has to be something in our public side code, or a mod I did that is causing it. Admin side of our site will print/preview, and interestingly, any image that pops up in another tab/window from our site will print/preview.

As much as I want to know how to fix or what is going on, I’d also like to know how long this has gone on? I haven’t changed our site in any major way for awhile. ?

Thanks again, would love to figure this out.

Replying back to let anyone know, I'm an idiot. I forgot a tag when I was modifying the main.tpl file. All is now working as intended.

Which begs the question, does anyone have their site printing the entire page, and not just the center block (as designed by CS)?

Pages on my site does not print as well, they come out blank. Can somebody help to identify the issue. I would appreciate any help.