Our Newest Addon : Search Redirects

We are pleased to announce the newest plugin we've developed for CS-Cart : Search Redirects

Enables the ability to set specific search queries to automatically redirect to a specific page. For example, searching for a keyword such as 'jeans' could be set to automatically take the user to the Jeans category instead of a search results page. It can also be used to redirect to content pages, product pages, account pages etc. The queries set can make use of some regex to create quite powerful search query redirects. This means you can correct common misspellings, for example people typing 'latop' could be redirected to laptops. Or even better, allow people to search for common alternative names, or product models.


[]Correct common misspellings

]Redirect users to content pages

[]Speed up the user journey

]Help users find what they are looking for, quicker and easier

[*]Search for hidden categories or products


View our demo site to see this working, try the below searches to see what they do:

contact, laptop, d300 (or d300s), login, bicycle

You can buy now on our site here, or it will be live in the marketplace soon here

Forgot to add you can see our developer profile here - All developers :: Pixel by Pixel