Our humble little site

Alright took me some time to get all pieces to fit but finally got my site up and running.

let me know what u think, i know there are still some minor tweeking to do.




Personally I like to move away from the default skins - there will be hundreds if not thousands of sites that look the same as yours - however, CS offer some great skins with their cart so it certainly looks good.

One comment though is that I think your logo on the top left should be darker (perhaps black), I find it quite difficult to see and it’s something you really want to be emphasizing to build brand awareness.

Good luck with the site


just noticed you have not spelled tournament right on the “Tounament Polo Stick” in your featured products

Looking pretty good so far :slight_smile:

thnx for the comments. yeh logo wise ill darken it but im going to be doing some modifications to it to look a bit better. i think there is something missing to it.

In terms of skins yeh i think for the initial phase the current cs skin does the work but im looking at some easy loading and fancier designs that really match the vision i have but that is something that will take time.

In terms of marketing im concentrating into the SEO as a launching and also some word of mouth in the industry. will see how it turns out and will for sure comment some more on how it evolves and i hope (should say sure) ill get some support when i will need some sort of custom modules. :slight_smile:

thnx anyways.