Orders Not Showing

Hi All

Not sure if anyone is experiencing this

Customer places order and we get the notification email regarding the order but the order is not showing in orders. So I go back and login as the customer and most of the times still in their basket and once I resubmitted than the order shows in there but with a new order number. Is it because it times out?

The logs does show the missing order number.

It happened in V4.3.3 so I did the upgrade to 4.3.4 and still happens

I am thinking maybe timeout from hosting. We are on a shared plan. Cart is used for Internal use only so not that busy.

Thank you

Check the following page:

Orders -> View orders -> Gear icon on the top right side -> Incomplete orders

Thanks for the reply

Yup they are there. Just wondering why they don't process

Appreciate your help

Thanks again

Probably a problem with the response from the payment processor.

Thanks The Tool

We only use PO and we bill them.


So the status should be "Open"?

Either a bug or a screwed up upgrade.?

Ya not incomplete. It does not happen all the time. Maybe 1 in 10

I think just timing out from hosting. Everything else works well.

Upgrading since 2007

It's just a straight forward order creation so I wouldn't think there would be much time involved. The system is basically saying that the order was abandoned after submitting if the status is incomplete. Are you showing any errors in your log?

No error at all. The logs show those missing orders as placed. That's what is confusing me.

Check your PHP error_log versus the cart's activity log.

Try to disable 3rd paty add-ons and monitor the situation

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I have the same issue. I queried why order numbers were missing. Found to my shock over 30k (value) of uncompleted orders. I had a ticket open last weeks, support told me customers are not clicking return to cart but there is no return to cart with cardsave hosted module. No notification in admin or email at all and uncompleted orders are almost hidden from view. Crazy!! missed so many orders it makes my stomach turn.


Thanks to ECom now I can find them since we get the order email but not showing under orders. Also the Incomplete order link on the right does not show either. So going to the gear icon is the only way. Should be able to do it either way. Luckily does not happen all the time. But still an issue.

P.S. Not using third party mods except the Same category addon.