Orders Database Limit 3000

Were using csc v2.1.4.

Encountered a problem with the Admin Orders page in that the page has become was very slow to load.

Now we notice that the number of orders that will display on the dispatch=orders.manage page is limited to 3000 by line 341 /core/fn.database.php ```php
$group_concat_len = 3000; // 3Kb

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That would be ok, but the limit is placed on the latest orders rather than the older orders, so the maximum order number loaded into the list of orders is #3000<br />
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I understand the need to limit the database queries, but surely the limit should be function so that the latest orders are shown, and the oldest truncated.<br />
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Has anyone encountered this, and is there a way to mod this to speed up the loading of the orders list from the the database.?<br />
Interim solution is to set so we changed the line to ```php
 $group_concat_len = 4000; 
``` but there's got to be a better way?<br />
<br />
Help appreciated.

Ok , I see a sloppy way around this,

I set-up an Orders Filter (Advanced Search) to filter in 01-July-2013 to 30-July-2014 and save as “FY 2014” for example. This way only orders for this year are extracted from the DB. Speeds up the loading of the orders page,

Or I think one could save a “Last 30 Days” Filter in the same way.

Now just need a way to make this the default Filter rather than “All”.

Any suggestions welcome.