Orders created by admin not charging credit cards

Where the problem occurred:

Multi-Vendor Plus v4.17.2.SP2 using Bright Theme

Details of the problem:
In Marketplace Admin Panel
Click Orders → View Orders → ‘+’ to “Add Order”

When creating an order, either by Vendor Admin Panel or Marketplace Admin, after putting credit card details into Stripe Connect Payment Method on the right side of screen and creating the order, the order status remained open and the credit card never gets charged. This was verified by logging into our Stripe account and checking over a period of 3 days.

A Stripe Charge ID doesn’t get created and the status doesn’t get changed to paid.

After changing the order status from open to failed, the customer could then pay for their order by logging into their marketplace account, clicking the order number and using the link at the bottom to pay for it. The credit card was charged immediately.

Browser: Microsoft Edge v123.0.2420.65
OS: Windows 11 Home

Server: PHP Version 8.0.30
OS: Linux

Thank you for message.

I’m afraid there is currently no way to process payment for an order from the admin panel. This feature is not currently implemented. And in the case of Stripe, it is not supposed to work from the admin panel at all.

Two questions:

#1: Is there going to be the ability to process a customer’s cc over the phone if a customer calls and wants to place an order and pay via credit card? There are still many people out there that still don’t know how to use computers to buy things online, this feature would help vendors to increase sales and drive sales across the marketplace.

#2: Why is the ability to put in the customers credit card information even available to the admins - both the marketplace and vendor admins, if it’s not implemented? Please see my screenshots.

After I realized this was a problem, I removed the permissions from the vendor user group to be able to create orders to avoid problems. I re-enabled it temporarily so I could get the vendor screenshot.

I’m including 2 screenshots as of today (4-11-24) from my marketplace admin account and from the Vendor Admin account using the same product.

I’m also including a screenshot from a failed cc payment order (3-15-24)

Side note:
Using Multi-Vendor Plus v4.17.2.SP2

Can’t say if it will be added in the future, but there was such a feature a long time ago :pensive:

I created a feature request to bring it back, but I’m not the one who makes the development roadmap :slight_smile: Bring more +1’s to this discussion and there will be a greater chance of it being considered.

Most probably, because long time ago it was possible to process payment from admin panel. Unfortunately, I don’t have a definite answer.