Orders Communication - Comments/Discussions.


On “Orders communication” admin can post comments but the user can’t post comments. Can someone check and see if it’s working for them? Maybe I’ve got something setup wrong.

Topic comments seem to work.


This works fine for me. Make sure that “Allow customer to initiate discussion” is checked under the Orders section in Add-ons->Comments and reviews.

When reviewing an order, there should be a “Start communication” link near the top of the order which reveals a “add new post” area at teh bottom of the page.


Thanks for the reply.

I have “Allow customer…” enabled and the Start Communications link is there.

When a user posts it just refreshes him to the cart home page.

I’m using php5.

I wonder if I could have some permissions wrong?

At least I know it’s not a bug.

But, users can post to Topics.


“Enable secure connection for authentication, profile and orders pages (SSL certificate is required to be installed on your server)”

is checked, it won’t work. Certificate is good. Disable SSL and it works fine.