Ordering/position In Backend

I have used the position boxes to put my items into the order I want them to appear. It works fine on the front end but when I am creating orders in the backend, it seems to ignore the positioning I have used. Is there a way to get it to follow the positioning, as just puts products in a random order which isn't logical

Many thanks

The system uses alphabetical sorting in the admin panel by default. If you want to change it, you should use hooks in the fn_get_products function (app/functions/fn.catalog.php)


It doesn't appear in alphabetical order using the name or product code. It seems to be some random order as products from different categories appear together, and products from the same category appear on different pages.

I'm not very technical when it comes to coding, so I don't really understand the hooks or which line to edit

What CS-Cart version do you use?

I am using CS-Cart v4.6.2

I have checked the code. The system uses the value of the Settings -> Appearance -> Product list default sorting setting here