Order Tracking Code For Affiliate Script

Hello. I installed an affiliate script.
to integrate it to my cs-cart website i must enter the codes shown below
which codes must i enter for cs-cart in these sections "general_code", "OrderId", "OrderCurrency", "OrderTotal", "ProductIDs" ?
would this system work with smart-html block? or do i need to enter them to tpl?
General Click Tracking
Use Following code to track genreal clicks of website.
All possible tracking parameters
WebsiteUrl : Website root URL
general_code : Unique code of general click like (home,about,contact-us) without any space or special charector.
Order Tracking
To track whole order, add following code to your thank you page or order success page
All possible tracking parameters
WebsiteUrl : Website root URL
OrderId : Unique Order ID
OrderCurrency : Currency Symball of Order
OrderTotal : Total amount of order
ProductIDs : product ids of order, comma separated string

Check example in the Google Analytics module


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