order thank you page

is there a way to place something on the order thank you page

(after the order is complete)

I like that suggestion.

At the moment there is no customer friendly message at the end of the process to say whether your transaction failed or not and following that there should be a message to ’ Thank you for shopping at mystore. Your order will be processed and dispatched shortly".

Something along those line…


Here is what another cart system says at the end of the ordering process:

[SIZE=“2”]‘You have chosen the cash on delivery method.

Your order will be sent shortly.

For any questions or for further information, please contact our sales team.’[/SIZE]

You can edit this file

skins → (skin) → customer → views → orders → details.tpl

between …

{if $smarty.request.confirmation == "Y"} {* place any code you wish to display on this page right after the order has been placed *}
Say what you want here! Thank You!
{hook name="orders:confirmation"}

near the end of the file.

I strongly suggest that you put a feature request into the Bug Tracker. Then people can pile on the comments so that the developers know that it should be a priority.

If you do, post a link here so that people can jump over to the Bug Tracker and add their comments.


Thanks twin892 for the tip.

Bob, will put that into the bug tracker as suggested.

did anyone post there

Looks to me like the hook is already provided… What is there to do? Or is the issue that this is the bottom of the page (scrolled off of most screens)?

There is also this code at the top of the order/details.tpl page, but it only allows you to add list items…


{if $view_only != “Y”}

    {hook name="orders:details_bullets"}