Order Statuses

I got order status C and newly created say status X. In admin area main page sales statistics block or dispatch=orders.manage

in gross total this amount is included but in total paid this status is not included? How to make X act or be same as C ?

The paid statuses are hardcoded in the app/functions/fn.cart.php file:

$paid_statuses = array('P', 'C');
fn_set_hook('get_orders_totals', $paid_statuses, $join, $condition, $group);

You can use the get_orders_totals hook and add your custom status to the $paid_statuses array.

$paid_statuses = array('P', 'C', 'X');

Right? Thank you very much!

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$paid_statuses = array('P', 'C', 'X');

Right? Thank you very much!


Absolutely right!

Thanks for help eComLabs, this trick helped me to see correct total in ?dispatch=orders.manage but in admin front page statistics - sales block is still incorrect, X is not included. Any thoughts?

Hm… Strange. The same function is used for both calculations. Did you clear the cache?

Yes, but statistics block does not change.

It is required to examine the issue directly on your server. Feel free to contact us