Order Statuses - Why no Inventory "Unchanged" Option!?!

One of the biggest shortfalls i’ve noticed with cs-cart (i am running 2.1.3 right now) is its management of Inventory.

When setting up order statuses, there are some statues that I would like to use internally. for example… after an order is processed / paid for it shows as processed. This should deduct the inventory (DECREASE) However, if i wanted to add a new status for my internal staff to mark orders as “Ready to ship” This status would not have any notification emails sent to the customer. When i go to create a new status i ONLY have the two options for Inventory - Increase or Decrease. There really needs to be a 3rd option “DO NOT CHANGE” so that inventory is not deducted just because and order has changed status.

What do i do if i don’t want the inventory amount to change at all but need to change the order status to keep things organized???:confused:

Same thing for “Complete” If the order ships and is marked completed. Then why would the inventory need to change? It should have already DECREASED when it was successfully processed / paid for.

I’m pretty unhappy with the lack of thought that went into this. CS-cart isn’t cheap software and this seems like a very basic option that was totally overlooked.

CS-Cart - PLEASE make sure a future release addresses this problem.

If someone knows a work around for this please let me know. Thank you.

I never noticed this before. I don’t think it decreases twice. My orders are in the status of “processed” after the transaction is performed and this is when the inventory is deducted. I manually change to the status “completed”. The completed status does indicate inventory decreased, but I don’t think it actually reduces the inventory once it was already reduced for the same order when it was “processed”. Do you see something different?


Hi bob-

I guess this is where i put my foot in my mouth.

I was reluctant to change all my processed orders to “completed” since I opened my store this monday. Thinking it would change the inventory count on hand, this would be a very hard to deal with. It is counter intuitive to see the Inventory Decrease / Increase options on the order status if they don’t actually do anything for “Complete”.

Is there any reasoning as to why the options are setup this way? I find it very confusing.

Also was pretty stuck on the issue.

Found the clue here: [url=“How to configure or create an Order Status in CS-CART that will not affect stock/inventory. - Knowledgebase - Granite Web”]http://www.granitewebdesign.com/whmcs/knowledgebase/99999180/How-to-configure-or-create-an-Order-Status-in-CS-CART-that-will-not-affect-stockorinventory.html[/url]

This is not possible. However, when an order status changes, the system checks the old status and the new status. If the old status has the “Decrease” option and the new status has the “Increase” option, the system increases the product amount in stock. If the old status has the “Increase” option and the new status has the “Decrease” option, the system decreases the product amount in stock. If the newly selected status has the same Inventory setting (ie: Increase), product stock/inventory remains unchanged.