Order Statuses changed to Array

Today all of my orders show a status of Array on the button. I have not made any changes since the last upgrade from Upgrade 2.1.3 - 2.1.4 on 3/2/11.

When I Look at Orders - Order Status, it does show the default 7 different status.

And when I click on the order to change the status, all the options show the word Array.

I have cleared the cache and does anyone have any suggestions? Take a look at the attached picture.



Well, it looks like I fixed my problem.

I went in and manually deleted the /var/cache and /var/complied files.

Shouldn’t have had to do it manually if you did the ?cc from the admin url. But if done from the customer side, it is silently ignored.

Yep - did it from the customer side. The only thing that could have messed it up would have been the cache so I was reading that it was safe to manually delete the info in the two folders. After I did that, it cleared it up.

Whenever I have had cache problems, it is usually on the customer side.

But there is only one cache (for both “sides”). The point was that clearing the cache can only be done while logged in as an admin.

Also note that in 2.1, in addition to removing the appropriate directories and their contents, it also calls Registry::clearnup(). It should also probably remove the thumbnail cache too but you have to use a ‘ct’ for that.