Order status not changed when Paypal Refund issued

Hello, I believe the order status should change when a refund is processed by Paypal. Today I did a full refund in Paypal however the order status in CS Cart did not change from Processed. I have no way to check what has happened as the logs are empty and cant see any info in Paypal in regards to it contacting our website/cart. Any ideas to troubleshoot? Thanks


I had a look through our servers RAW Access logs and found a request from Paypal to update the status, the request log shows

" - - [11/Dec/2013:15:57:03 +1100] “POST /index.php?dispatch=payment_notification.notify&payment=paypal&order_id=11011 HTTP/1.1” 200 0 “-” “PayPal IPN ( [url=“https://www.paypal.com/ipn”]https://www.paypal.com/ipn[/url] )”


The settings in Paypal are correct as follows:

Instant Payment Notification - off

Payment Data Transfer - off

Auto Return for Website Payments - off

Return URL - blank

Not sure why the status was not updated to cancelled / refund?


Don't see where PayPal has indicated a refund and not sure the PayPal processing script handles refund.

Reading through the documentation it should definitely handle refund requests and change the shop status to the Cancelled Refunded.

I 'think' you have to do it manually by editing the order and notifying the customer.

Your PayPal refund can't actually update a CS-Cart order. It's just you visiting PayPal

and there is no way CS-Cart can know about the visit unless you edit the order.

When you process a full refund or a partial refund in Paypal it sends this information to CS Cart but CS Cart at this stage does not update the order.

We used osCommerce for 6 years and Paypal easily sent a message to our old shop about the refund and updated the order status with the refund amount and details.

CS Cart should be able to do the same as Paypal sends this info to CS Cart when a Refund is issued, I can it contacting our shop but CS Cart ignore the message.

I'm pretty sure I've read in the documentation and in the forum that CS Cart should update the order to refund and update the status…

Does anyone from CS Cart look at this forum?

Rarely do cs-cart look at these forum threads.

I believe (but not certain) that IPN is the method in which Paypal sends refund info and IPN is NOT supported in cs-cart.

The “callback” is sent with the original transaction to be used for that transaction only. Paypal has no knowledge about how to send the refund notification outside of IPN.

Maybe the RMA add on could handle this process but not sure.


Fair enough, however Paypal still calls back to CS Cart to tell it the payment is complete, pending or failed etc. When CS Cart sends a payment request to Paypal it includes details for Paypal to send Payment result back to it. This is included in every message CS Cart sends to Paypal and that is how Paypal knows to where to send the Payment success, failure to.

Paypal uses the same address to send a refund notice, however it seems CS Cart cannot interpret this. I will do further investigation into this next year as I believe it should be able to update the status (read about it somewhere when setting our CS Cart up).


Have not tried this add-on yet, will do next year once everything is running smoothly.

Wouldn't itt make much more sense to do the refund from cs-cart, after which paypal should (but doesn't) give the customer his refund?

The callback is part of the payment request. It is not saved on paypal.

I use PayPal Pro to process credit cards and take PayPal payments. I've issued a Complete Refund thru the PayPal account for CS-Cart orders and found that the CS-Cart order status WAS already changed to Cancelled by PayPal. It pleasantly surprised me.

It only ever happened on a Complete Refund (not a partial). I rarely do these, so I don't know if it only happens with credit card payments, or PayPal payments, or both.

I do have a Return URL configured on the PayPal account - if that makes a difference.

2 years later, can I issue full or partial refunds from the CS-Cart dashboard to a Paypal purchase or a Stripe or Braintree purchase without ever needing to go to any of these payment processors?

Not that I'm aware of.. Changing an order status in CS-Cart to Cancelled would assume a full refund.. but what if it's only a partial one? You'll still need to log into paypal and refund it manually.

I am about ready to ditch CS Cart...this platform simply sucks...this should be a basic functionality. Customizing using smarty template is just not for anyone. Out of the box, this platform just doesn't deliver...sorry, I am going to Shopify.

Also, if you are using the widget, I just learned that server needs to first contact CSCart then my website...how stupid.

Seems like anytime I need something small done, you have to give up your arm...

How much do you plan on spending per month with Shopify?