Order Status emails and Title (label) question


I’ve been looking as far as I could in FAQ, forum, manual — but I haven’t find the answer yet.

Here is the problem: When someone orders something, he receives an email labelled “Order” (in the body) with all the details about him and what he ordered.

The problem is that when I set the status to sent, another email is sent and the body still contains the label “Order” … when it should be “Invoice”

If I change it into the template (or the translation string), then it says “Invoice” for both situation, which is also wrong.

What do I do wrong? Is there a link between the email sent and the letter of the order status? How can I send 2 different emails with 2 different labels (Order or Invoice) and decide when each shall be sent?

Thank you in advance for your help,


PS: On the screenshot, the status is “Sent” (Verschickt), but the Title (label) still says “Order” (AUFTRAG)


I did not receive answer, but in the mean time I found a way to realize what I was looking for. For those interested, in order to send 2 different emails notification depending on the order status (Sent or others) then I modified:



{if $order_info.status == ‘C’}


{include file=“orders/invoice.tpl”}



{include file=“orders/order.tpl”}


C being the status for sent, then I created a duplicate of invoice.tpl named order.tpl and applied in there the modifications I wanted to see.

I would be great in future release if we could choose which email template we want to send for which status … default or customized.

I hope this will be somehow useful to someone else.



You might want to add your suggestion to the following feature request:



Thanks Bob, good idea I’ll do so.