Order qty condition for discount coupon not working - Please help!!!!

I’ve set up 2 cart promotions using coupon codes to give customers a % discount on specific products when all the conditions are met. What I really want is for the discount to be applied only to an ORDER QUANTITY OF ONE and not applied on more even if the customers selected more than one at the cart.

But when I check the cart to see if my promotion works and apply the coupon code and add quantity of 2 or more in the quantity box for the product on offer, the % discount is applied to the order quantity 2 and not just on one. Has anyone experienced this problem?

My conditions are:

If certain product is bought AND the quantity is 1 of this product


Coupon code is xxx

AND use is limited to one time

I have set the quantity of the product to 1 but it still applies the promotion if 2, 3, 4, 5 etc of the product are bought.

How can I limit the promotion to apply to just 1 even if the customer order more?


Try if product qty is less than 2

edit** Just realised this wont work either sorry


Thanks John for trying.

Anyone else can help???