Order Placed via API/mobile appbut payment is incomplete on payment Gateway


The cscart mobile app order some products and proceeds to checkout on mobile app and API.

Payment methods used :

  1. Stripe credit cart
  2. Stripe Checkout

when try to order from mobile/api and order placed successfully.
The order found on admin panel but order status is incomplete for stripe checkout and status open for stripe credit card.

The payment provider (stripe) dashboard unable to find any order or payment transaction .
The payment transaction record not created at all.

What are possible issue with scenario and if someone already faced this issue.
please provide some solution



Which version of CS-Cart do you use and when was the mobile application for your store built?


Cscart version: 4.17.1-SP1
mobile app version: latest build based on github.


Thanks for the details.

This require additional examination in your installation. Could you please contact us via Help Desk on this case? In the ticket, please mention that you came from the forum and ask to assign the ticket to Igor.


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Hello,getting also problem,suddenly,I am at 4.17.1,is that some bug ? At Stripe admin I see webhook failed response,url index.php?dispatch=payment_notification.callback&payment=stripe_checkout Will upgrade fix it or is there other problem ?

I checked details and see that checkout.session.completed is returning error 404 ??? What is wrong ?

The webhook working on web platform and the mobile app , the payment showing blank page trying inspect showing that secrct key not found.

Could you please follow through ccscart helpdesk.


Any updates on this? We are experiencing issues in regard to orders being created with no payment information or declined payment. We have also gotten Incomplete orders that are marked as “Open” in admin panel

It may depend on the payment method you use

Please provide additional details of this issue. What steps should be taken to reproduce it?

Our issue was related to a bug within Stripe Connect add-on. I spoke to the help desk and they have identified it and are working on a fix

@CS-Cart_team if this is indeed a bug can tag please be updated to confirmed and noting a lot of us use stripe can the diff file link be provided here once fixed please?

I’ve found this task in our inner bug tracker, seems to be, only those mobile applications are affected, that were rebuilt after 1 March.

Once the fix will be ready, developers will post a message in this topic.