Order-Invoice Tables


which tables are holding all the information about order necessary to create a invoice or invoice table.

thank you in advance

orders, order_details, order_data

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I have problem on site due to long order numbers that exceeds 10,000,000 that are limited by mediumint(8)

Say orders now are

Range starts from (not 1)





and I'd like to download and find replace '1000' to '' so the orders would be





What tables should be fixed ? orders, order_details, order_data, order_docs something else?

Thank you!

orders, order_details, order_data

What tables should be fixed ? orders, order_details, order_data, order_docs something else?

Sounds like the orders have already been force-fed into the mediumint(8) value. But that should be good for your 10M values.

There are a number of tables that will need to be modifed and the field names vary among them. I can give you a starting point, but would require a more detailed review to be complete. The tables: field that I can think of are:

orders: order_id
order_data: order_id
order_details: order_id
order_docs: order_id
MVE vendor_payouts: order_id

And there are a number of areas where an order_id can be embedded in serialized data which will have to be programmatically adjusted.

And then there are any 3rd party addons that you might have installed that deal with order data.

You will probably want to TRUNCATE your user_session_products and sessions tables to ensure that any referenced orders are removed from the user's session area and/or wishlists.

Thanks for your input.

It was good for most of the time until recent when in logs found

Database (error)
Error: Out of range value for column 'order_id' at row 1 (167)

Orders (delete)
Order: # 1473009902_2122

Orders (update)
Order: # 16777215

I have simply removed latest records for 16777215 and 1473009902_2122, since then all works fine apart from the Skrill payment method (with PayPal all ok).

Passed reference order (order_id) is sent as a timestamp something like "1473009902_2122" instead of actual order_id. And paid orders do not get incomplete, open or processed orders, in fact no trace about order at all, possibly because it cannot be saved in db, skrill payment method works in iframe mod, so place order button is not hit and I have to communicate with customer to find out what was he buying, credit card payment is collected just fine.

Temporary solution can be switching of iframe mode, but it is rather popular to pay using CC without leaving website..

But that should be good for your 10M values.

If you use shipments, do not forget about tables starting from cscart_shipment

cscart_shipment_items also holds info for /admin.php?dispatch=shipments.manage

& cscart_profile_fields_data

Operation done, all looks good so far, thanks for help!