Order Import Hangs


Had an issue with our store - which resulted in the need to roll back to a prior archive. I managed to restore the cart ( into V4.2.4 ) however some products and orders were missing - having been added/placed after the date that the archive ( of a v4.1.5 cart) was made.

Luckily I had exported product and order info from the failed cart. The product import completed successfully (although some images needed to be 'fixed') - however when I attempt to import the orders - I see the 'processing box' and the activity 'swirl' - however the import never completes and no orders are added to our store.

I've let it run for multiple hours prior to aborting - and the import is only of some 15 or so orders!

Any suggestions as to where I may look to determine why the order import is not completing?

Many thanks!


Two things you can do…

First, check your php error_lof file (usually it's in the document root of the domain which is usually the root of your store. If not, you hosting provider can point you to it). Check if there are any errors there related to the import or during the time of the import

Second, right-click the page and open your browser's debugger. Got to the Net or Network tab and then re-do the import. When you believe it's stalled, find the last entry in the Net tab and click it open and look at the response header. You might see a php error or other message there that is not understood by the Javascript ajax parser and this will cause thing to hang.