Order Email Recieved With Prices Changed


Can someone help to explain this to me, I received an order from my CS-Cart site, The order was declined by my credit card processor and was not dispatched.

Here is the problem,

The order in the admin shows one product the value of which is €750

But the order email I received shows two products

The first one should have a value of €361.62 but is shown as €0.00 (this is not in the order in the admin of the cart)

The second which is the product that should have been €750 has been changed to €635.59

any help appreciated.



Hello, Alan!

Is there only one order with incorrect invoice? All other invoices in such status are correct?

What payment processor do you use?

What payment processor do you use?

It is just this one order, the amount that was presented for payment was correct, I use stripe, But the payment was not declined due to the values, It was declined as the card used was of the prepaid type.

It is only the email invoice that is incorrect.