Order Dashboard

I have upgraded to the latest version and I noticed immediately that the order summary dashboard has been removed. I used that area all the time to see what orders were in which status.

Anyone else miss that quick summary of the orders in your store?

Hello jegesmaci,

The “Order Dashboard” functionality was changed in the standard CS-Cart installation, so that is why some previous features are not available in the CS-Cart installation of the current version.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support Team

Yes, I miss the old dashboard. They have progressed forward on the functionality of most of the admin from what I am seeing so far, but the dashboard they went backwards. Personally, I like it to show more about the order information on the dashboard.

The current order summary dashboard needs to be improved - more information about orders and orders statuses - just like it was in 2.1.4. I miss better functionality of previous dashboard.