Order Country In Database

Afternoon all, I am just wondering, in the DB of CS-Cart on cscart_orders there is b_country and s_country which is the country code but is there somewhere in the database where I can lookup the entire destination country for the order at all? I’m trying to get the orders into Filemaker using the ODBC connection but it only has GB, IE US etc etc instead of Great Britain, Ireland, United States. :S

Thank you

The DB table country_descriptions (and state_descriptions) have the full name of the countries (and states). You will probably have to create a view of the orders that includes a join to these tables so you have all the values you want in one view. I mention the states_description table because I find that orders to France (which has states defined in the DB) are in the orders with numeric values only.

Magie Don, are you currently exporting all your orders to a 3rd party invoicing program? Thank you for this information I shall look in that table.

No, I don't have to invoice my customers from the website. The only export I do (monthly) is to Quickbooks for accounting.