Options Shown but not available

My pull down option menus contains some notes like:


Options below this line are single decals


It would be nice if the customer could not select any of those “note” lines. With my old cart my options were on a html page so I could simply use the “invalid” tag for options I didn’t want the customer to be able to select.

So in the backend in the STATUS part (in variants area of the option) have Active, Disabled or “Not selectable”.

Track with options and delete the option - done.

I discovered this just recently and by accident that i could do this a drop down box and the first option saying select colour but customer would go putting this option in the cart!

Let me know if i have understood you correctly.

I don’t think this will work for me. I use global options that are applied as a link. If I delete the option it actually deletes the option. Maybe I am not understanding what you are saying or maybe you are not understanding what I need. I do appreciate the input so please further explain if I am missing something.

It seems that if you delete the variable option it would delete it from the pull down menu no matter what. I don’t want to delete anything…I just don’t want my customer to be able to accidentally select one of these “notes” (variable) I have listed as an option.

You can vote to add this feature in the Ideas forum:



I paid to have this option on my site and works great. Price was reasonable so it should be able to be added to the cart as standard function if the CS team wants to implement it.

See an example at [url]url]

That works nicely. Do you just specify the option variant as ‘unselectable’?


[QUOTE] That works nicely. Do you just specify the option variant as ‘unselectable’?[/QUOTE]

Yup. In the backend there is a check box next to the option to make it a “comment”. Quite simple but works perfectly.