Options "numbers" vers 2.14

I see that when I input options (via a csv sheet) for a product, I use brackets[ ].

(ex… Color: S[black,brown,tan]

Now. when I export a csv sheet, tthe format has changed to braces { }.

(ex…{1075}Color: S{1076}black ,{1077}brown}.

I see that numbers have been assigned.

Can anyone explain what these numbers represent, or are they numbers that I would use in some way? Thank you.

The unique product option id that is referenced to the product.

Thank you, but I’m still new. I am not sure where I would reference it to the product.

Is it the model number? Or part of the model number? Sorry for sounding ignorant. Stan.

It’s just a a number cscart give to you option. it has nothing to do with manufacturer, product, category.

I guess if you have a lot of globals with the same name it wouldn’t know one from another ,so it gives it a unique identifier so it knows what one it’s dealing with.

Got it .Thanks.