Options Not Showing Product Code

I use options in my store and the product code/sku # do not show anywhere, not on the invoice or email sent to supplier. We have to hand write all the product codes for options to the supplier so he knows to send them.

I must have something set up wrong because I can't see why CS Cart would intentionally do it this way.

If someone could tell me how to set this up properly I would appreciate it.

I got the problem fixed. I had someone redo the code to show these "option products".

Now products can be accounted for in inventory and show on the emails sent to suppliers for order fulfillment. I no longer have to do this by hand. Before this if I missed a "options product" on the customer order that was sent to my supplier I would have to pay to have it resent to the customer.

Hopefully it is solved. One less problem with CS-Cart.