option / configurator

OK - I’m trying to set up a cart that would allow users to build their own PC or server, with basic choices like which Processor, how much Memory, how many/what size Hard Drives, etc… I saw the “Product Configurator” added to the last release, and thought PERFECT! - but it seems half finished.

Aside from its clunky appearance - the nice part of the Configurator is that you can track each individual option as an item from inventory. BUT - this company has sales reps, who need to be able to manually “Create Orders” from the backend - and guess what - you can’t specify any Configurator options from the backend!!!

Alternatively, I LOVE the simple functionality of doing it by using “Options” - the options actually show up when creating an order from the backend - imagine that - but why can’t you track each “Option” as an individual item in inventory? “Option Combinations” track in inventory, but why can’t you treat each option as a separate item?

Because of these little issues, it seems that neither system will work for our needs. Is there a way to make “Configurator” options show up when creating orders from the backend, OR is there a way to track each “Option” as a separate inventory item? Workaround code - planned code tweaks in future releases - or is this too isolated of a problem?

Personally I would suggest contacting CS-Cart about this issue, unless of course somebody else has already put it in place…

Its a good point and should be considered a bug rather than a feature, as you suggest, manually adding / editting orders can be essential and whats the point of fancy features for the customer when you cant use them in the backend !