Optimize Image In Index Page

Hi All,

Im using CS Cart 4.2.4 and modify themes. Sometimes index page is blank can't accessed but another page is oke, the log error like this :

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 22800 bytes) in /home/polygonb/public_html/rodalinkcom/id/app/functions/fn.images.php on line 636

After increased the server memory_limit, everything is ok. I think this is because so many picture with big size load in index page, so need many resource.

I want to optimize the image, so my website can run more lightly, not too heavy. How to do it?

Please advice.

My site is www.rodalink.com/id.


There are quite a few free image optimising programmes online you can use on all your web images in 1 go but you can start by analysing home page here


check the optimize images and image dimensions tab then download and replace the suggested images


Hi John,

Thanks, can you give me some example the program?


This is a good one for doing them in batch a lot at once

FastStone Photo Resizer - Powerful Image Converter/Resizer

For the odd one, I have “irfanview” on my PC and I installed plugins to allow “save for web” this does a good job of ceompressing them 1 by one if you need the odd one doing.

Or you could also try “smush it”. Your slider images on your home page are huge and will slow down the loading lots. Do those first

Hi John,

Very thanks!