Opps Something Went Wrong When Editing Blocks

I have started getting the error

"Opps Something Went Wrong …. " when I try to edit a block . Never had this problem before.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?

[attachment=14291:CSCART Error Opps.JPG]




Please check if Suhosin is installed on your server. If yes, try to temporary disable it and check the result. This lib can be disabled by hosting administrator

[attachment=14296:Suhosin.JPG]Suhosin is not installed.


Then check server error logs for new records


Please check and inrease php flag max_input_vars.

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I have changed max_input_vars from 1000 to 3000 then 10000 but same error is still occuring.



I checker server log and nothing is showing up. Maybe there are other logs. Does CSCART have an error log file I can check ?


Did you check with an inspector (Ctrl-Shift-C) or do you have any JS errors? And what are these errors?

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Not sure where to look to check this. When the CScart error is displayed if I hit Ctrl-Shift-C nothing happens.


If it's a database error it will show in the log if you have the data base error reporting checked in settings..

Switched to Chrome and if I use (Ctrl-Shift-C) I get the inspector. In the console tab I get the error message shown below. Does this look useful to see whats happening.

[attachment=14307:inspector error.JPG]

[attachment=14308:inspector error2.JPG]

inspector error.JPG

inspector error2.JPG

No errors reported in Administration > Logs. I have database logging turned on.

Did you install any 3rd party addon recently?

No I dont have any 3rd party addons


Can you send PM data to the panel so that you can see and try to solve this problem in your panel?

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I am using this template, could that be a problem.


Try to close the store and temporary change the theme to default one

I asked CScart support and the problem seems to be that mod_security is enabled on my server and it needs to be disabled. I have just asked my web host to disable, hopefully they will do this for me.

Thank you for keeping us updated