Open store front missing after upgrade

Upgraded from 4.9 to 4.12 and open store front button is missing from admin>manage stores.
the storefront is now permamently closed
I thought I had seen this before on the forum but cant find it

Please make sure that you are logged in under root admin and this account does not have user groups assigned

Thans, yes set as Root “Y” but still the same
I tried other “admin users” too but still same

I’m not sure when they changed it but it used to be on the Settings->General page. Your screen shot doesn’t look like the changed version.

Yeah thats what I checked first off, as Ive had that before,
I restored back to before upgrade and messed around, but now all I have is this screen.
Admin is OK but front end is just this, Ive checked PHP and is 7.4 and Im on 4.9. I am trying to get to 4.15