Open Graph Image For A Blog Post

Important request regarding Open Graph data quick fix.

Right now CS-Cart puts store logo in og:image tag in blog section and every blog post. You must be aware how important good content is these days because of SEO. So when you have good content and you try to share it via social media you realize that it looks ugly with no featured image being scraped from destination blog article.

Changes should be made in func.php file in social_buttons addon. It's a quick fix.

Please also pay attention to our addon

I just bought it and this one is a piece of sh**. I do not recommend it. There is no additional open graph section in addons tabs. What's more it just does not work. Products keep loading and loading. And categories don't even start loading. The same with pages and I assume that blog posts are listed in pages section which does not start loading. There is only "loading..." text. What a scam. Please, eComLabs, refund.

We failed to reproduce this issue on the clean CS-Cart installation. It can be caused by conflict with 3rd party addons.
Please provide us with the temporary FTP access to your server so that we can examine the issue. Secure data can be added on the Remote access page on our website.