Oops, Something Went Wrong (Forbidden). Please Try Again

I have recently moved my install of CS-Cart from a local PC to a server and I have started to get an error message that says:

ErrorOops, something went wrong (Forbidden). Please try again.

This happens when I try to edit block options (in Layout) or when I try to change the order of the products table for the invoice template. I wouldn't worry too much if it let me work, but it stops me changing the template, or forces me to use the manage blocks section. I didn't get these errors on the local PC however. I have had this issue with v4.5.2 and since upgraded to v4.6.2 yet it is still occurring.

I have also noticed that on individual items, the button that says 'Product Tabs' and lists all the product tabs, now says '_product_details_tabs' and is blank instead. I have noticed the 'Layout' button is blank too.

I did export and import the data if that makes any difference? I did notice a few bugs with this, however, for example:

  • When importing images, some products didn't have their images imported and were left blank
  • When importing images, some products were imported with old images (which were replaced weeks before the export/import)
  • Random spaces were taken out of product descriptions so some words are now joined together (having to check all my products will take a while!)
  • Importing 'Features' only copied across the name of the features, and not the individual variable of it e.g. it would copy across 'Power Consumption' but not the actual figures for each product
  • The product positions/order seems to have been mixed up, even though it has kept the position numbers

Any ideas?

At first please make sure that the php version on the server is compatible with your CS-Cart version

I have checked and the server has PHP v5.5.3 installed. Would you recommend me upgrading to PHP 7?


I have checked and the server has PHP v5.5.3 installed. Would you recommend me upgrading to PHP 7?

Yes, I recommend you to update php version. But do not use 7.2 version, there were issues with the compatibility.