One order over written another order!

I may have caused this but I know I’ll get a quicker response here the support (main time difference).

Today I had a customer place 3 orders with a few orders. Order 1 was fine, or order 2 was fine, but when he placed the 3rd order is took the order number of order 2 and over write the complete invoice.

I have details of the overwritten order because I had already printed it out and it’s on paypal.

The only thing that has changed inbetween the orders was I change the admin.php name. I didn’t clear the cache because the new name worked fine. but could this have caused the problem ? surely all data is stored in the database.

Well I sent a test order in and that looked fine, order number followed on.

[color=#ff0000]I suspect it was the failure to clear the cache so be warned folks.[/color]

This shopping cart has more ways to trip you up then any other I've used in 20 years.

Latest V3

I'm getting more and more people complaining of previously finished orders remaining in the cart. There is definatly a cache issue going on here.

It use to never be an issue and nothing has changed other than new products being added.