One currency with two languages

Hello everyone,

I have one currency and I want the “Sign” the change when I switch the language of the currency in the admin area.

Please take a look at the attachment to see what I mean.


Language and currencies are two separate entities.

What you are wanting is a localization so one would choose “arab countries” and get language=arabic and currency=dennar (or whatever)

Unfortunately, localizations have never worked correctly in cs-cart. Never made it high enough on the wish-list to fix the bugs. They can add lots of new features, but fixing the ones that are broken has been a long-fought battle with customers on the loosing end.

Note that in the admin area, the selection you are making for language is ONLY for descriptions and related info in the various description tables. It is not chaninging the language of the cart while in Admin nor for the customer view.

Tbirnseth thank you very much for the response,

All I needed is to confirm it's a bug and to know where to go to fix it.

You can't in the admin panel. The admin side only runs in one currency (the primary currency of the store).

The customer side tries to do localizations (search for localization in core/fn.init.php).