One Click Compare Of Multiple Products


For me, one of the best features of CS-Cart is product comparison. I would like to be able to add a link to a comparison screen showing all the media players I sell. That way, my customers could with one click go directly to the compare screen without having to manually add the products to the compare list.

Has anyone done something similar to this?

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This would be very interesting from the use of product features and sales point of view. I have similar question,([url][/url]) but received no reply yet. Cscart users seemes to be happy without this feature.

May be, we should be put this it into user voice. Interspire has similar feature [url][/url]

I’d like to paraphrase to see if I understand what you’re asking for…

You would like to create a sidebox that can list a product type (a product feature) and then do a compare of all your products that share that product feature value.

I.e. xyz123, xyz234, xyz567 all have a product feature of “Compare Type” equal to “Media players”. The user would see a single link of “Compare Media players” and when clicked would be the same as if they had added all the products with this feature to the comparison list. They would then see the grid of comparison results.

The compare list is intended mostly to compare product features.