On first load, Add to Cart does not work CSID

Item not being added to cart on first Add to Cart attempt.

On first load, once I select a Category (trial A) to shop from, and click ‘Add to Cart’, I go to the cart and get ‘Cart is Empty’ msg. If I click Category again (trial B), Add to Cart (same item), the item is successfully added to cart.

I compared the initial Category load, with that of the second load, and only see a difference in the a hidden form field of name=csid. it’s value changes on the second Category click (trial B). If I click Category again (trial C), csid remains the same as in second Category click (trial B).

Tested in Safari/Mac, FF/Mac, and IE 6/PC. Same err in all.

How do I fix this??

You could try what I did in this thread:


I had a similar problem, and the last post I made shows what was done.