Omniture - SiteCatalyst (Would you use it?)

Hi All,

I would like a vote of the people who would seriously be considering using Omniture Web Statistics as part of CS-Cart.

Integration by an Omniture professional is $12,000, ongoing maintainance anywhere between $12,000 ~ $20,000 but provide a large amount of data to be processed.

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I’m pretty sure it’s too expensive for over 95% of the businesses here that could spend their hard earn dollars on other areas like advertising.

I know a company that uses Crystal Reports with Visual Sciences HBX.

Now I realize Omniture bought out Visual Sciences and rename HBX to SiteCatalyst HBX.

Now Adobe has acquired Omniture.

[quote name=‘hyteckit’]

Now Adobe has acquired Omniture.[/quote]

I understand, I’m planning to buy Adobe tomorrow :smiley:

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]I understand, I’m planning to buy Adobe tomorrow :D[/QUOTE]

I think the cheaper solution would be to buy a “license” to the software SiteCatalyst. :smiley: