Omit Product Details In Paypal Invoices

Hi all,

as per title, is it possible to omit product details from paypal invoices but still keep all other details in tact?

This is a guess, but you might try modifying the function fn_pp_standart_prepare_products() (no, standart is not a typo) in app/addons/paypal/func.php and add a line near the top of

$order_info['products'] = array();

Not sure if paypal will accept a purchase of no products. But maybe you mean something else by 'product details'. Either way, that is the function that returns the product data during a paypal transaction. So that would be the place to make your modifications.

It looks like it will still include the totals, shipping and taxes but I've not tested. You can give it a try on a test order and see what happens.

Why do you want to do this?

Thanks for the reply.

i tried my best to follow your instructions:

i added in

$order_info['products'] = array();

just a above

list(, $count) = fn_pp_standart_prepare_products($order_info);

i'm not too sure if this was correct as it hasn't worked.

the reason for wanting to do this is that i'm working on an online consultation for health and my client does not want any sensitive information to be shown on paypal invoices.

Then just change the product names! What specific info is showing that they don't want? Seems like the tail is wagging the dog here.