Old logo used when SSL is used


I noticed that my old logo is being displayed whenever SSL (or https) is used on my site. Everything else is loading fine, its just the logo that is old. I tried deleting cache from admin panel and deleted var/cache var/compile. I also cleared my browser cache but same problem.

Not sure if it makes any difference but I just moved to a new webhost and they reinstalled my SSL.

Using 2.2.4 MVE

Any ideas? atleast i wish to know if its an issue with my host or cs-cart



[sup]You might want to check the images directory under your [size=5]https [/size]directory, that's where the image comes from when you use SSL, not you regular images folder.[/sup]

[sup]Your regular html that isn't protected comes from the default [size=5]http [/size]directory (the added s I guess is for secure).[/sup]