Offline Payment Declines

I have been trying to figure it out but I prefer to run credit cards on our local machine in our shop so we set it up as cc.tpl and offline settings so when they checkout it shows on there side open no errors and we finish it but now for some reason when a customer checks out they get a warning error stating payment proccessor declined when we are not using one, how does this happen or settings it was working before and orders would go threw no errors

If you have any 3rd party addons, disable them and see if problem goes away. Ensure your payment method is not really using an underlying processor along with offline,TPL.

What version are you running?

3.06 pro

I have tried replacing all I mean all of the server files and still when you check out it will have the warning that it did not process and goes right back to where it was to try again. It was working fine when I started it a few months ago when I used offline processor and was fine now none are working even the phone order the check order or anything a customer uses declines it

I would check your 3rd party addons. My experience is that if there is no 'processor_id' in the order (I.e. it's zero) then it won't show as failed and will simply not try to process the transaction and goes directly to the Open status.