Odd Changes

Noticed a few oddities in the back end of our cart.

When adding an order via the back end of the cart the County is now set to ‘Staffordshire’ which is where we are based and not a problem as such but for the past 6 months+ its always been defaulted to ‘Select State’ and is the fact that is changed that is puzzling

On Products page where the Category selection has changed from being a drop down box to a pop up window for no apparent reason, could this be an setting that has accidentally been changed?

Also on the subject of categories, the Category page used to show the list with all the nesting open but now they are closed.

And lastly sticking with categories when I try to add a new one I get an error but when I go back into the Category page, the category I added isn’t their but there is a new category with a random generic name like ‘Monitors’ or ‘GPS Navigation’ which is odd especially as we sell plants.

<br />
Database error: Duplicate entry '179-EN' for key 'PRIMARY' (1062)<br />
Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_category_descriptions (`category`, `description`, `page_title`, `meta_description`, `meta_keywords`, `category_id`, `lang_code`) VALUES ('Sword Fish', '', '', '', '', '179', 'EN')<br />

```<br />
<br />
The error when creating a category is above, I don't understand it as nothing has been changed and the categories im trying to add are unique and do not already exist.<br />
<br />
Any help would be appreciated<br />
<br />
[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Cart version is 3.0.4 [/font][/color]