Nutrition Panel - ADDON Idea

I have an upcoming client who wants to display a food nutritional panel on each of the products. I assume setting up an ADDON would be the best way to handle this?

I have never done an ADDON before and have just read though the documentation but it doesn't seem to cover the specifics of what I need.

Ideally I would like the ADDON to have a seperate section / tab in the product details to add in the required variables. Then on the front end I would like the panel to display in one of the product tabs. Data would be stored in a new MySQL table linked to the product_id.

Is there any tutorials or information around that might help me achieve this goal?


Create a Product Feature, Type: Extended

Add the relevant image/description to each 'feature' - not sure exactly what information/images you want to display, so difficult to explain effectively. These features are then selected from a list per product.

That should do everything you need, maybe?

Thanks however I don't think that will cover what i need.

Ideally it will need to be in a database (I suspect) with separate fields for the fat, protein, carbs etc to be entered on a per product basis.

You can still use features. Make one for each field.

You can adjust the display of the features to look like a nutritional label.

Look at the bottom of this page in what I call Specifications (I don't use tabs) but it is using the features.

[url=“FX 8 Blow Molded Case”][/url]

This way you could also filter based on the features like to show all products with over 10 grams of Protein, etc.

elogic … I may be your next customer :-) … I am trying to do the same thing here:


Only I want to add a tab next to the “description” tab that will show images of the nutritional information … like this:…nals/03-701.gif

We sell other products other than food items so the tab has to be conditional to the product …

What would be perfect is, if we could somehow add an image display that is like the main product display in a tab so that the visitor can view each nutritional label (there are multiple nutritional labels for many products) as an image … kind of like what my competitor has set up here: (click on nutritional information)

My Food Storage

quick paypal to someone who can do this or help me with this … thx

Thanks for the help on this so far. i ended up getting this to work using product features and a group of Nutritional Information, each value (e.g. fat, protein etc) was a feature under the group.

Is there any way to get the group of product features onto a separate product tab or does it have to be on the features tab?