Number Pages To Order

Hi all again

Some small ideas or addon, if someone know

I need... in fact... we all need

To add numbers to pages from an order

Example: Order 24566 have 3 pdf pages with numbered all from 1 to 3

or something else

A number for each products....

Examples: if order 24566 have 3 pages and is with 30 reference and page 2 mising...we can see we can see is missing one page with products21.

Again my bad english

I think nobody understood me

In fact i mean this

but need update to work with 4.11

in fact i see now we have

{{ p.counter }}

Total counter we don have ?

Based on this

i create a class and for quantity product and works, results total is OK

but work only for one order

if i want to select more orders each time...display total quantity from all selected orders in first order

i even make a snippets