Number of downloads disappeared?


I seem to have lost the indication of how many downloads a customer has used.

At 2.2.1 I could click within an order on 'downloads' and it would show the downloadable product, the maximum number of downloads allowed and the number already used.

That has disappeared now. Any ideas??

I just noticed that this is gone in 2.2.3. I upgraded from 2.0.15 on Tuesday. Anyone know how to reset the number of downloads on an order?

This is what I got from cs-cart (for 2.2.3 but probably applicable to other 2.2 versions):

In order to fix this bug, please replace the following part of the code:

} elseif ($mode == 'details') {
$_REQUEST['order_id'] = empty($_REQUEST['order_id']) ? 0 : $_REQUEST['order_id'];

$order_info = fn_get_order_info($_REQUEST['order_id'], false, true, false, true);

with this one:

} elseif ($mode == 'details') {
$_REQUEST['order_id'] = empty($_REQUEST['order_id']) ? 0 : $_REQUEST['order_id'];

$order_info = fn_get_order_info($_REQUEST['order_id'], false, true, true, true);

in the "orders.php" file located in the "controllers/admin" directory

It changes the 3rd parameter of fn_get_order_info() from false to true.

Hmmm… I don’t like tinkeriung with the code. With the next update is will be gone again… or I have to maintain a log of all changes. Too much work.

I think this is a BUG and it should be fixed ;-)

Will be fixed in the next release. But you should understand that the next release might be a 3.0 release and be a very big change from what you have. If you run a production store (like a real business) you probably won't upgrade to that level.

[quote name=‘Navvie’ timestamp=‘1319227015’ post=‘124271’]

Hmmm… I don’t like tinkeriung with the code. With the next update is will be gone again… or I have to maintain a log of all changes. Too much work.

I think this is a BUG and it should be fixed ;-)


This is a bug and tbirnseth gave you the fix that cs-cart provided for the bug.

You can lead a horse to water…

A very wise man once said, “it is better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove them right!”

Isn’t that “…relieve all doubt.” ;)

Hmmm… I don’t think I like the attitude of some people posting here <_<

Yes, I run a business and a shop that I rely on for my meager income.

Yes, I understand that I could try and find WHERE to put that bit of php code and ‘maybe’ solve the bug that way. And yes, I appreciate the effort of helping me.


I am used to different sort of service and support, where the COMPANY I paid my money to is helping me (if you are an employee, then I must have missed that fact?).

Also, I don’t expect ‘fixes’ to an obvious problem caused by the manufacturer to be the responsibility of the customer… Andmost certainly not being taken care of in a way that will probably LOSE it again after a change or upgrade of the original software.

I must admit I am a bit disappointed this morning… just sayin’.


If you want support from cs-cart, then submit a helpdesk ticket and don't bother here with the forums.

It is a bug and a fix (from the vendor) was provided but your comment was odd given that the fix was provided to you (cut and paste from cs-cart helpdesk ticket).

If you can't perform a “search and replace” on a text file, no one is going to criticize you. You can either wait for the next release (where the problem will be fixed), open a support ticket with cs-cart giving them access to your server and they will charge you to make the change for you (the fix was provided, but the application of the fix is up to you or you need to pay someone else for their time) or you can contact one of the more senior members to have them just supply you a file to replace based on your version.

This is a free “community” forum. Any help you get here is given out of generosity. Any snide comments that come along with it should just be taken as other tired people just trying to relieve their own stress, have a little fun at your expense, trying to look smarter than we are, or otherwise immature behavior in an open environment. If you can't deal with that, then you can pay someone to help you. Then you're the boss and you can tell them what you like.

Just Sayin'…

I am a long time community manager myself, on multiple communities, professional and hobbyist. I can take snide remarks… and make meatloaf of anyone if need be, or just laugh. :lol:

It’s just that I thought this WAS the ‘official’ support forum… not having found anything that looks in any way professional instead.


I did put in a bug ticket… assuming THAT is in any way official. Maybe not.

If CS-cart were freeware like many of its competitors, I would be more understanding. As it is: still disappointed. <_<

But, seeing now that this is a volunteer’s forum, I won’t bother you with it anymore.

Have a nice weekend.

There are a few separate actions you can take.

  1. Submit a bug via the Bug Tracker with enough info to let them recreate/verify the problem. Then follow progress and/or apply the “patch” or “solution”.
  2. Submit a ticket through your helpdesk account. If it's a bug, they'll provide you a solution and will not deduct support credits. If you want them to apply the fix for you, it might cost you some credits (YMMV).
  3. Post an inquiry here, cross your fingers and hopefully you get a helpful response. Cs-cart does watch the forum as time allows, but it is by no means a replacement for their paid help desk. Sometimes they respond and sometimes not.

    This is a commercial product and as such you get a certain amount of vendor support when purchasing. Beyond that you purchase credits. Remember that merchants come in all shapes and sizes. Some are competent and experienced, others, this is their first endeavor…

    Here, we try to help all. I will sometimes invest an hour to discover something just so I know more about the area for future projects or just for personal knowledge. But usually, if I don't know it off the top of my head (or can find out in minutes), I simply won't respond because I'd never get anything else done in my work if I did.

    There are many people here who know the administration of the product. There are fewer who understand how it works and how to do things right (so they are sustainable). And there are fewer still who understand the “systems” side of things that relate to performance and/or extended functionality (like building useful addons or doing custom development).

    Sorry for the long winded response, but yes, this is a community forum. If you want vendor support then you should work through the helpdesk.

Oh, and just to close this discussion in style: the 'fix' does work and the problem is solved for now.


Just for the record, my comment wasn't meant to be snide or demeaning. I was merely trying to point out that the fix tbirnseth provided you was an official bug fix provided by CS-Cart and not just something he threw together. He is a very helpful chap as are several others in this forum. It would be your loss if you don't post an issue here prior to creating a ticket, as chances are someone else has experienced the same issue. I may not be on the same level as tbirnseth, but have come very familiar with CS-Cart over the last few years and have learned a lot of what I know on these forums. To each his own though.


And I AM grateful for the free volunteer help, let there be no doubt about that. I’ve only been here once or twice over the past two years and THOUGHT it was the official forum, or official of sorts anyway.

I run a company myself and provide much of the support MYSELF through forums. My own and volunteer forums as well. I am not charging customers for support, not even if 99% of the time they have themselves messed up their PC’s. And you are correct in assuming that I hence am not making a lot of money :lol:

I would hope NOT to have to find my way around the intricate ways of getting support from CS-cart. It looks complex. They helped me before with a license issue. Took a few days. Someone else built me a mod, yet another route. And here is a fan forum which ‘looks like’ an official support forum, but isn’t.

And then there’s the bug ticket system that resides on this same volunteer forum?

Believe you me, people CAN get lost ! :lol:

Good thing I work in the hobby business myself, so I can at least whip up some understanding for it all :D

Anyway, onward through the fog…

Thanks folks.