Number Of Columns

Hello guys.
I am new to this CS-Cart thing and I have a first question.
On the fist page, when I hover the mouse on categories (laptop, phones, etc.) a preview of products appear in 4 columns and 5 rows. What is that called and from where can I change the number of columns and rows? I made a picture so you can see what I am talking about.


If you mean number of columns in the product listing, please correct the following setting

Settings -> Appearance -> Number of columns in the product list

You'll need to play with the column width in the css to fit the number of columns you want, rows is automatic depending on how many it takes for the particular column width. It looks like you are using a sidebox menu and I'm not 100% certain what the classes are for a sidebox menu but I think you'll need to add a rule to your theme custom css or your my_changes style.less:

.ty-menu__submenu-items {
    min-width: 200px;

changing 200px (the default) to a width that gives you the number of columns you want. You could also force a fixed column width with "width: 200px;" or maximum width with "max-width: 200px;". Firebug in Firefox or Developer Tools in IE is really helpful to figure out which css rules are controlling the column width for the menu.

If you have a top menu dropdown you'll need to use:

.ty-menu__submenu-items .ty-top-mine__submenu-col {
    min-width: 139px;

Thanks for the reply.

I was able to change the width where the products appear from 600px to 800px (just for the test, from the browser only), but the products won't change their position. I made a screenshot. I haven't found any other rules that allow me to make the products float with that 800px (or any other size) width. You think it's possible?


That looks like you are using the multicolumn list template. For that the columns are controlled in the block options. Design | Layout. Click on the block options gear icon for your category menu block. Next to the template dropdown where you select multicolumn list click on settings and the setting for number of columns will appear.

Thank you for the support. I hadn't time to check it out but I definitely will.