Notify Customer A Recalculate Is Required Before Checkout?

On our version 3.0.6 when a customer makes an option change on the View Cart page and then clicks on Checkout, a popup appears to notify the customer to click on the Save and Recalculate button. Not sure if this was default functionality or a mod was made, but this definitely doesn't happen in 4.3.4. The customer can make a option change and go through the checkout process without ever noticing their option changes were not saved. Who in the world would design a shopping cart to work this way?

Anyway, I tried looking through the 3.0.6 code and couldn't find the code for this. I tried the cart-power auto-calculate addon, but it does not work for the Input field or Text box options.

Anybody have any hints on how to popup a message if one modifies an option and doesn't click save. It is obviously possible since it worked in 3.0.6.

Or anybody have any hints on how fix the cart-power addon to work on all types of options correctly.

Thanks, cs-cart really needs to have this built in by default.



CS-cart Power has a free add-on called "Automatic Cart Recalculation". This should work.


As I said in my post, I tried it. But their addon doesn't work for Input options and Text box options. They only recalculate for select box options. So this is not acceptable for us.

Drop a note and ask them to modify it.

I already did that, but because it is a free addon, I do not see them putting a priority on it.