Notes during checkout

I would like to be able to place notes during the checkout that I can change around from time to time… especially for the shipping method section.

My problem is… like now during Christmas week, we aren’t shipping things out tomorrow and Friday, so when people check out, I would like an ad that says, “All orders placed today will ship out Monday” and during the rest of the year, I can put something like, “all orders placed before 2PM, will ship today”. Just some place to put some sort of message regarding shipping for customers to read…

Other message spaces for billing address and shipping address might be helpful too.

For instance, billing address note might say, “must match address on credit card statement”

Just something I’d like to see.

This actually is not that hard to do. You can add a snippet


in your checkout.tpl where you want it to appear. Then add checkout_message into your languages. You can change it whenever you want pretty easily.