Not technically a CS-Cart question, but...

This is not technically a cs-cart question, but… I am hoping there are some .htacess gurus here that can help me anyway.

My cs-cart site is my main domain on my hosting account, and I have 6 add-on domains.

In my cart’s .htaccess file I have this bit which I read is for the SEO feature of my cart:

RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !\.(png|gif|ico|swf|jpe?g|js|css)$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . index.php?sef_rewrite=1 [L,QSA]

which, according to my host, is conflicting with my add-on domains as far as getting my custom error pages & hotlink protection to work, and they suggested adding an exception rule.

Does anyone know what the exception rule would be?

Not really but I was under the impression that if an addon domain was setup then there would not be any conflict as opposed to just setting up a subfolder.

Now if the location is say /home/.htaccess, then it would definately conflict but the location for CS should be /home/public_html/.htaccess

The CS location is home/public_html/.htaccess, but it is still conflicting. At least my hosting support says that is the reason my custom error pages & hot link protection isn’t working on any of my add-ons.

[quote name=‘Brennie369’]The CS location is home/public_html/.htaccess, but it is still conflicting. At least my hosting support says that is the reason my custom error pages & hot link protection isn’t working on any of my add-ons.[/quote]

That’s not true. If you did set up your add-on (or subdomains) properly, then there shouldn’t be a conflict with your .htaccess file in the root because each new (properly) created subdomain will get own environment.

Unless the server is not configured properly…

How do I find out if my add-ons are set up properly? Do I look for something in particular in my cPanel or take it up with my host support?

You have to ensure, that all subdomain folders have been created automatically (they shouldn’t exist before) through cPanel. Then, if you open the subdomain folder, there should be an automatically created .htaccess file.

If it’s so, each .htaccess file has to work properly separately. If it’s not the case, then I guess the problem would be in the server configuration.

Brennie, Did you set-up the addon domains via cPanel? There should be a stat column on the left side that shows how many addon domains you have. If they are showing there and it still is conflicting, then you need to talk to your host concerning it.

I did contact my hosting company & they said:

[QUOTE]The add-on domains are setup by cPanel default configurations, and work flawlessly on other sites. We’ve double checked your configuration to ensure that this is the case for your site, and there’s nothing wrong with the server configuration as well. The .htaccess in your root will have authority over your sites. You can also add individual .htaccess files within each add-on domain folder for per site custom configuration.[/QUOTE]

So I proceeded with having them change my root directory for my main domain, which is the site for my cs-cart. They did, & while my site is working fine I cannot access my admin.php page now. They told me I don’t need to change anything in config.php nor in my .htaccess for the main domain.

I also cannot upload via my Dreamweaver FTP. I get this error: Access Denied. The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.

The FTP config is exactly like my addon domains now because now my main domain & all addons are all in the public_html directory.

Any suggestions? And for anyone who wants to be forewarned, I use InMotion Hosting. The hosting is good but the support evidentl is not. It’s THERE, as in they are there & respond, but they don’t seem to know much in regards to more complicated issues.

Hi, I use Dreamweaver as well and had never issues with something like that. Just a notice to my Dreamweaver FTP settings:

Remote info:

FTP host: my FTP root domain (for all subdomains as well)

Host directory: /public_html/ (in my case for my root domain, or /public_html/subdomain/ for all subdomains under the root)

Login: same as by root

Password: same as by root

Use passive FTP: checked

No problems there. Was the Dreamweaver working before?

P.S. the .htaccess shouldn’t affect the FTP access.

That’s how my FTP settings are and there were no problems before nor are there problems with my subdomains/addons. Only thing I changed was for folder to upload to:

from: public_html/

to: public_html/sitedomain/

Because they moved my root directory of my main domain into my public_html, so it now appears just like the other addons.

Brennie, I am busy right now but if you want to PM me your FTP access, I will take a look later this evening.

This is just to provide the outcome in this post in case anyone comes across this problem & searches the forum.

It was a problem with my hosting company’s setup when they moved my domain root - they forgot to add the SSL version, and they set the permissions incorrectly (as Tool Outfitters mentioned in the PM’s - thanks).