Not taken to Step 2 in Checkout process

During checkout either when I Register as a new customer, or Checkout As Guest, and fill in the necessary contact/user information, and click Next Step, I’m taken back to Step 1 instead of proceeding to Step 2.

On further investigation, when I try to Register, I see that I am successfully creating a new User account in the admin, but the auto-login and proceeding to Step 2 seems to be what’s failing.

I’m also having a problem with the Payment Method selection not changing the payment method fields. I assume these 2 things are both using javascript and/or ajax, so maybe the problem is connected?

Thanks for any help

Are you using single page checkout?

Thanks the reply,

Yes, I’m using the One Page Checkout. Have you seen issues with it?

It seems like these 2 problems come and go, but always together. Today it seems like the One Page Checkout and Payment Method selection are working great.

Thanks for asking the question, though, I now know I can turn off the One Page Checkout if the problems persist :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem and discovered that it was caused by the Magic Zoom Plus addon I had installed. They have updated the addon and the problem disappeared after I installed the latest version.

Thanks roginator, I appreciate the reply. My one page checkout still seems to have issues changing payment method between PayPal and Credit Card though… I’m hoping it’s a cache thing in my browser

strangely enough i have been having this problem with a few customers today too.not sure what the heck is going on what so ever.